Who We Are

LeatherClothings is an online boutique specializing in premium quality real leather outfits, apparel, and accessories for men and women. We have earned a reputation in a very short span of time due to our commitment to providing our customers with the best leather at the most affordable price.

At other online leather stores, you’ll find a small handful of items in a limited selection of colors and styles. That’s not the case here at LeatherClothings. We have a truly unbeatable selection of leather apparel and accessories. 

You can shop our store for leather shirts, pants, vests, kilts, jackets, chaps, and coats for men and for jackets, coats, and skirts for women. Our large collection of leather accessories include leather boots, bandanas, caps, belts, ties, gloves, and even sporrans. 

If it can be made out of leather, you’ll find it here at LeatherClothings, and many of our fashions and accessories come in a rainbow of colors.

Premium Quality Real Leather Outfits

While we offer a diverse range of styles to suit all types of tastes, everything that we feature in our online boutique has one thing in common–it’s produced from only the absolute best leather. We are incredibly choosy about the leather that goes into our designs. Our fashions and accessories are made out of Nappa leather, a form that is proven to be resistant to the effects of dirt, dust, and water while still providing all of the aesthetic appeal and luxury of less durable varieties of leather. By carefully seeking out suppliers and evaluating material for quality before we make a single stitch, we’re able to offer the best leather without charging a fortune.

Exceptional Product Quality

LeatherClothings is committed to only providing fine quality fashion leather outfits and leather accessories to our customers. We take quality seriously and have built relationships with top manufacturers to ensure that every stitch in every garment and accessory that we sell is absolutely flawless. Many of our items are made to measure rather than being mass-produced, elevating their quality even more. While you’ll get couture quality leather from LeatherClothings, you’ll never be charged an exorbitant price when you shop with us.

Custom Designs

Whether you’re purchasing a leather jacket, a pair of leather trousers, leather vests, or a leather cap, you’ll be getting something truly unique when you shop at LeatherClothings. We are specialized in custom designs! Our designs range from classic to casual to dressy to edgy, so there’s sure to be something to suit your taste and reflect your sense of style in our collection.

Unparalleled Customer Service

At LeatherClothings, we’re not satisfied unless you’re fully satisfied. Our customer service team is here to help with anything that you need whether you have a question about a style in our collection or have a concern about a previous order. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure that you have an outstanding shopping experience with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING when you buy from us. Contact us at +1 (289) 772-6035 or info@leatherclothings.com for assistance.